Introducing March & Mill Co. limited edition Helio lure by Atlas Lures. One hundred (individually numbered) handmade lures will be sold to help support The Fishing Academy, an amazing charity that brings the underprivileged Boston youth on private fishing charters. During these challenging times, it is more important than ever to provide these kids with amazing opportunities to get outside. Thank you for supporting our community!  

     The Atlas Helio x March & Mill Co. edition was designed closely with Kevan and Brad. It features the March & Mill Co. arrowhead logo down each side of the lure, "March & Mill Co." text on the top, "Atlas Lures" text on the bottom and the March & Mill Co. Stix logo in the eyes. Additionally, there are holo-iridescent scales along the top and sides, iridescent sparkle for the underbelly and the lure is finished in a candy marine blue fade. These solid resin lures are completely handmade in Boston and receive a total of 5 epoxy coats (inter-coats and topcoats) to give added depth and protection. This process is extremely time-consuming, but is the ideal way to add visual appeal and to get the attention of those predatory fish. A batch of 12 lures per week will be made and shipped on a first come, first serve basis, with shipping starting December 9th.

     The March & Mill Co. Helio is a great lure for any skill level and for attracting Striped Bass, Bluefish, Tuna and many other predatory fish. The Helio lure was created for a more traditional approach to fishing lures and was named after the heliograph (using mirrors to communicate). A simple rod-tip down straight retrieve gives it great swimming action. Adding twitches gives a great “fleeing“ motion big predatory fish can’t resist. A sweep and pause makes the lure rapidly vibrate and swim then flutter down the water column. The flat sides of Helio give it a great flash to get the attention of distant fish or attract fish in murky water. You can also remove the belly hook on all versions for greater action (not recommended for trolling in the tail-hook only configuration).

WEIGHT (approximate): 4.4oz/124g (slow/moderate sinking)

LENGTH: 7.5"/190mm

*Because every lure is handmade and painted, there may be slight variances.